QBWL Workshop

32nd QBWL Workshop - program now online

von QBWL Team am 17.02.2023, 09:17

The program for the 32nd QBWL workshop is now available. Please have a look in the "Downloads" section.

VHB ProDok PhD Course "Choice-Based Optimization"

von Sven Müller am 06.12.2022, 10:00

Choice-Based Optimization

Summary and study goals

Demand is an important quantity in many optimization problems such as revenue management and supply chain management. Demand usually depends on “supply” (price and availability of products, f. e.), which in turn is decided on in the optimization model. Hence, demand is endogenous to the optimization problem. Choice-based optimization (CBO) merges discrete choice models with math programs. Discrete choice models (DCM) have been applied by both practitioners and researchers for more than four decades in various fields. DCM describe the choice probabilities of individuals selecting an alternative from a set of available alternatives. CBO determines (i) the availability of the alternatives and/or (ii) the attributes of the alternatives, i.e., the decision variables determine the availability of alternatives and/or the shape of the attributes. We present CBO applications to location planning, supply chain management, assortment and revenue management.

Course Content

Students will learn how to develop and use predictive models (discrete choice models) in the software R and how to introduce such models in mathematical models for decision-making (i.e., mixed integer programs) to consider demand as an auxiliary variable. The models will be implemented in a modeling environment (GAMS). Case studies will be used for practicing purposes.

Date of Event

10. - 13. Juli 2023


SlowDown Travemünde
Priwallpromenade 20
23570 Lübeck-Travemünde


Registration: https://vhbonline.org/veranstaltungen/prodok/kurse-2023/2307ms08

32nd QBWL Workshop takes place in Bad Windsheim

von QBWL Team am 20.10.2022, 07:34

32nd QBWL-Workshop will be held on the 20-23 of March 2023 in the charming spa town of Bad Windsheim. It starts at 14:30 on the 20.03.2023 and ends at 13:30 on the 23.03.2023.



31st QBWL Workshop - program now online

von QBWL Team am 21.03.2022, 18:06

The program for the 31st QBWL workshop is now available. Please have a look in the "Downloads" section.


Registration has re-opened

von Extern: am 23.02.2022, 11:30

The registration for the workshop has re-opened. We kindly ask you to register by 13th of March. However, due to limited capacity it is no longer possible to register for a presentation, but only for the workshop. 



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